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Underestimated Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan - capital of Central Asia


When I meet random tourists at the street, I realize that the knowledge they have about Uzbekistan relies more or less on a media, less on a reality.
The name of Uzbekistan often is recalled with Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Turkmenistan. It's almost as if I say that Greece, Turkey and Spainare the seaside countries.
Here is my hand, take it and travel for a moment throughout Central Asian geographical map.
Is Uzbekistan in Russia?
Yes, but only from 1868 till 1917. The wind of our Steppes tells the amazing tales which are not only tales of Tsar Empire, but also the tales of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Arabs, Persians, Roman empires and Independent Uzbekistan. Now we are the only guards of our rich heritage of unique and rich history. In this year we will celebrate24th anniversary of Independence Day.
Uzbekistan is Samarkand?
It could happen that when you think of my country, the first name that comes to your mind is the city of Samarkand, turquoise domes, archeology, colorful and fragrant markets, the memory of its caravans and why not ... Shaherezade ...
Samarkand is my hometown, it is wonderful, but it's not the only pearl of Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan is also known by Bukhara’s witness of ancient times, Shakhisabz which is a hometown of Tamerlan, Karshi - the Iron Gates, Ferghana and its cave paintings, Navoi, Nurata, Royal Road of Khiva and red desert which is considered as a tomb of Daniel... These are the first and the last Timurid Mogols, they are also endless fields of cotton, its mines of gold, its merchants, its scientists, its astronomers, mathematicians and its poets. Uzbekistan is a society that welcomes hundreds of nations for millennia on the Silk Road. By the way, Hillary Clinton during her visit to Uzbekistan said: “Uzbekistan is a perfect example where Islam lives together with Christianity and other religions.”
My friends, I hope with all my heart that very soon you really will meet Uzbekistan not only to see what it shows, but also to feel whatever it is! As a travel agent at Silk Road Destinations (DMC) I invite everyone to the crossroad of East and West to enjoy every corner of my beautiful land!

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